Press release from Oklahoma City Government, May 15, 2012

Police Department Purchases “Green” vehicles for Parking Enforcement

 The Oklahoma City Police recently purchased four new Wheego electric cars for use in Parking Enforcement Unit which operates out of the Bricktown Sub-Station.  These vehicles will replace two of the gasoline powered Westward Industry Go-4, 3-wheeled vehicles.  The Wheego “Whip” is a four-wheel, 2-passenger, front wheel drive, and electric car, powered by a rechargeable battery pack.  The electric “Whip” is approximately 118.5” in length, 63.2” in wide, and 63.0” tall weighing approx. 2,999 pounds.  The new Wheego electric vehicles have all of the safety, comforts, and conveniences of a full size car, but in a smaller package.  The vehicle has a 40 mile range per charging cycle and is equipped with a regenerative power braking system, which extends the driving range.  The new vehicles will go into service starting May 16, 2012 and will supplement the current Go-4 vehicles currently in use.

Released by:  Capt. Dexter Nelson
                         Oklahoma City Police Departments
                         Office of Media Relations

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