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May 2011

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:

Wheego continues to deliver the LiFe across the country! California, Hawaii,
Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Washington have all gotten their first LiFe.
Our dealers in New Hampshire and New York have cars en route. Be sure to
check our dealer page for a dealer near you.

First Wheego delivery in California – Wheego CEO Mike McQuary (right)
with Ellis Brooks customer Rob Forsland

Brendan Barry, first LiFe owner in Hawaii!

Brendan drives his Wheego LiFe to his three BeadIt! stores in Oahu.

I-Phone App Helps You Find a Plug for Your Wheego

PlugShare is a new app for the I-phone that shows locations of EV
charging stations across the country. Palo-Alto based software firm Xatori
developed the free app, available for download now. PlugShare used
three different icons to show available 110-volt, 220 volt with a J1772,
and public charging J1772 stations. Individual users who are willing to
share their charging station can upload their location to the map.

Other apps offered by individual charging station manufacturers show only their
charging stations – but PlugShare gives you private and public charging station
options from any charging station vendor.
Home Charging Station Options
Wheego now offers three different preferred charging station solutions: Clipper
Creek, Ecotality and Aerovironment. All three offer a J1772-compliant home
charging station. Contact information for each one is provided below.
The Level 2 (240V) charging stations allow you to charge your LiFe much faster
than if you used the 120V travel cord option. With the 120V cord, it could take
over 20 hours to recharge the car. With the Level 2 options described below,
it would take about 5 hours to go from 50% to 100% state of charge.
Check with your local Wheego dealer to see if they have a charging station on
display with the LiFe. Jim Ellis Wheego in Atlanta is offering a free charging
station to the first 50 people who purchase a Wheego LiFe through their dealership.
Clipper Creek
Clipper Creek makes the travel (120V) charge cord that we send home with every
LiFe.  Their Level 2 (240V) charging station is the LCS-25. This unit is hardwired into
your garage (or outside – it’s also outdoor rated). Clipper Creek can manage the
installation for you, or you can use your own electrician.

Visit for more information, or contact Greg Crittendon at
The Blink Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) from Ecotality offers
more functionality (such as “waking up” at night and charging during off-peak
times) for a higher price tag. 

They will provide the installation for you, or you can use your own electrician.

To learn more, visit or contact  Jim Vogt at

The EVSE-RSLevel 2 station from Aerovironment is available by calling 888-833-2148.
Aerovironment has a nationwide network of installers that will come to your home,
perform a site analysis and then install the unit (if you use your own electrician the
warranty is affected).

All three units shown above are hardwired into your garage or carport – meaning
they don’t plug into a 240 volt outlet like your dryer uses. An electrician installs a
240V line, and hardwires the unit into the wall. There are other charging stations
on the market that offer plug-in models; before you order one, be sure to confirm
whether this model is allowed by your local building ordinances. Many require that
EV charging stations be hardwired.

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As always, we thank you for your support. Please email your questions
and suggestions to
Best Regards,
The Wheego Team
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