Autonomous Vehicles

Wheego develops emerging vehicle technologies including self-driving/autonomous cars using artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Wheego offers comprehensive solutions to power autonomous vehicles for the roadways of the future using internally developed advanced deep learning algorithms and sensors.
Wheego began as an Electric Car company. Our Battery Management Systems, Thermal Management and On-Board Charging continue to advance Electric Vehicle innovation.
The Wheego Internet of Things Platform starts with highly automated vehicles and then moves into the connected car, home and roadway.
Wheego Technologies’ Autonomous Vehicle development is guided by a three-fold Charter.
First, Wheego Technologies is building an end-to-end artificial intelligence platform centered on GPU based supercomputers and Big Data systems.
Second, Wheego is developing a self-driving system from the ground up and creating original self-driving AI algorithms.
Finally, Wheego is applying AI to driver assistance systems and self-driving cars in testable and scalable ways.
Wheego Timeline including Autonomous Vehicles
Wheego Timeline including Autonomous Vehicles development