MSRP $32,995 plus freight and options. Qualifies for Federal Tax Credit.


Pictures say more than words.


All electric, about 100 miles per charge, plug-in at home.


Ask your local dealer about State & Local Tax Credits.

The following is excerpted from an article by Jen Danziger for Green Car Reports, January 29, 2015. Read the full article here.

Driving Small Electric Cars in the Real World

Reader Jen Danziger explains what it’s really like to drive a very small battery-electric car year-round in the Midwest.

In the years following my […]

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One of a Kind Car

On December 11, 2014 By

From WOWT News in Omaha, Nebraska. December 9, 2014


You never know what you’ll find on the streets of Omaha.

We found a one of a kind car at least in the State of Nebraska.

It’s called a “Wheego”. It’s completely powered by electricity.

Jim Kucera bought it last year and said […]

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From an article by Dave LaLonde for

Summit Place Kia and Auto Credit Express are proud to present the Oakland and Macomb Counties Friends of the Veterans Treatment Court with a charity donation of over $90,000, which […]

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by Bill Moore for EV World, July 7, 2014

Two-part video interview with Cayman Automotive president John Felder about the introduction of electric cars on Grand Cayman, as well as across the Caribbean region.

Islands are a near perfect venue for electric cars. Distances are usually short, speed limits typically low, and […]

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Article by Jim Motavalli, in

Tesla Motors launched the Model S with three battery options—40, 60 and 85 kilowatt-hours. The 40-kwh pack was dropped last year before it ever went into production, because only five percent of buyers were opting for it. That says something interesting about Tesla, since consumers were saying no […]

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Cruising With Cayman

On April 9, 2014 By

by Amy Tocknell for Endeavor Magazine

A relative newcomer to the business world, Cayman Automotive was founded in 2005 in response to certain automotive issues, within the Caribbean, not being catered for previously. A primary concern was that the new and pre-owned vehicle sales market was identified as lacking in extended warranty protection, something that […]

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Cobb’s Electric Connection

On April 7, 2014 By

Excerpted from an article in the Marietta Daily Journal by Michael J. Pallerino. View full article here.

When Tesla Motors, the granddaddy of electric cars (EV), opened its Marietta showroom Jan. 19, it sent a strong message that Atlanta, particularly Cobb, would be at the epicenter of the ever-growing electric car movement in the […]

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EASY Eco-Car, a division of EASY Car Sales located in Nassau (the Bahamas), will soon begin selling the Wheego LiFE electric vehicle, the first EV to be sold there. Cayman Automotive Leasing will be responsible for distribution of the vehicles. The Wheego LiFe is sourced from China, […]

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EASY Eco-Car will soon begin selling Wheego LiFE electric vehicle, said to have a range of up to 100 miles per charge, joining similar sales in the Cayman Islands.

EASY Eco-Car, a division of EASY Car Sales located in Nassau (the Bahamas), will soon begin selling the Wheego LiFE electric vehicle, […]

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