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December 2010

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:

Happy Holidays from the Wheego team!

Wheego LiFe Update
The Wheego LiFe received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval this
week – we’re now awaiting final approval from National Highway Transportation
Safety Administration (NHTSA) to begin shipping cars to our reservation holders
and dealers. We’ve passed the tests and submitted the paperwork – just
waiting for the “OK.”
Meanwhile, the reviews continue from our launch last month at the LA Auto Show:

Mike McQuary’s radio interview with Bob Long at Auto World Radio ran on
December 12th. To listen, visit the Auto World Website, click December 12, then
click the first hour of the December 12 show. McQ’s interview starts about
27:40 minutes in.
NBC News ran a story about Wheego in about 60 local markets.

Watch the report here.
Our New Tampa, Florida Wheego Dealer Makes Waves:

USA Today: Florida Gets An All-Electric Car Dealership
By Colin Bird 

Mike McQuary in a Wheego LiFe. Photo by Chris Woodyard, USA Today

A new car dealership opening in Florida could be the first electric-only car lot for
the Sunshine State. Suncoast Electric Vehicles will open in St. Petersburg in three
weeks and will sell the Wheego Whip LiFe. The Wheego is a Chinese-sourced but
California-assembled electric car. It has a 100-mile range per charge, can go up
to 70 mph and is highway certified. The Wheego Whip LiFe is available for
$32,995 before a $7,500 tax credit. That's about $20 more expensive than the
base price of the electric 2011 Nissan Leaf.
The dealership will be equipped with solar-fueled charging stations, which will
allow Suncoast customers to charge up for free:
It seems a bit of gamble opening an EV-only dealership in one of America's
most car-dependent states, but Suncoast Electric Vehicles owner Richard Nimphie
said he's already sold 12 EVs before opening his showroom. There's no word on
what other electric vehicles will be sold at the dealership, but boutique automakers
like Think and Coda could be possibilities.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (NBC) - In Florida, a new car dealership is opening and the
owner hopes to change the way you think about electric cars.
Richard Nimphie, knows his cars. "The first car I sold was a 1973 Buick,"
Nimphie said. "And it got a whopping 8.7 miles-per-gallon." After 37 years of
being in the car business, he's opening a new dealership at a time when others
have closed their doors.
He told NBC news that the guilt of wanting to be green, while selling gas
guzzler vehicles, got to him. So in three weeks, Nimphie will open Florida's
first all electric car dealership in St. Petersburg. Luxury car lover, Nimphie, 
traded in his BMW for a much, much smaller Wheego and hasn't looked back.
The Wheego costs around $25,000. It takes eight hours to charge and can
run for 40 miles. Some models can reach speeds of 60 miles-per-hour.
There's only two gears, reverse and forward.
Nimphie's already sold 12 cars. Scott McIntyre is waiting for his.
He loved the idea of skipping the gas station, and zero emissions, but that's not
what sealed the deal. "The one thing I liked about the Wheego Life was it has
very comfortable seats."
Forget filling up at the pump, the future may be all about plugging in. Electric cars
are sparking the interest of drivers and you can bet you'll see more of them on
the road soon. Electric cars come with a special adapter you can plug right into
your regular wall outlet. Work is underway to create solar fueled charging
stations that would allow drivers to recharge for free.

All-Electric Car Dealership to Open in Florida
Excerpted from an article by Bogden Popa for AutoEvolution

With so many electric cars hitting the road in the last few months, it was only a
matter of time until we saw the first dedicated dealership for EVs. So here you
are, the first all-electric car dealership will open in Florida in three Weeks under
the name Suncoast Electric Vehicles. If you're wondering which are the models
to be sold in St. Petersburg, there's only one electric vehicle to be found there,
namely the Wheego LiFe.

Before stepping into details regarding the car, it's also worth mentioning that
the dealership will offer solar-fueled charging stations available for free but only
to Suncoast Electric Vehicles customers.

The 2011 Wheego LiFe is able to carry up to two passengers and is powered
by an electric motor that develops 20 nominal horsepower and 60 peak
horsepower, with a torque of 95 lb-ft. It can travel up to 100 miles, with the
charging process to take up to 5 hours. Recharging is split in two levels, one
of which is especially used for fast recharging.

There are tons of optional equipment available, although the car is offered as
standard with disc brakes on all four wheels, a tire pressure monitoring system
and ABS. For instance, the equipment list include power windows, power doors
with keyless entry, air conditioning, electric mirrors, audio system with MP3 and
USB support, rear roof deflector, cabin heater with windshield defroster and
eco meter.

The car can be recharged from either 120V or 240V outlets. There are six colors
available across the range, namely white, black, red, blue, silver and green.
Questions for our CEO, Mike McQuary:
Ask McQ
Q: What do you think of the proposed plan to require your cars to make noise?
A: I believe EV's are falling victim to knee-jerk reactionary legislation that has very
little factual basis. The National Federation for the Blind contacted me over
18 months ago with concerns that our LSV's could cause danger to the blind
because of their lack of noise. When I asked for any evidence of increased incidents
for already existing Golf Cart LSV's or even bicycles causing accidents, there was,
The lack of noise pollution is a pleasant feature of EV's.
But that being said, we will comply with any legislative curveballs thrown our way. 
Maybe we will emulate the sound that my baseball cards made in my spokes
when I rode my bike back in third grade.

Phil Moss drives his Wheego in the Oklahoma snow

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