Mike McQuary

Mike McQuary  |  CEO

Mike McQuary (McQ) is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Prior to joining the Company, he was the CEO of Brash Music for 5 years. Before that he was the President of the ISP EarthLink after its merger with MindSpring for 2 years. He was the President and Chief Operating Officer of ISP MindSpring for 5 years. Prior to MindSpring, he served for 9 years in a variety of sales, marketing, operations, and management positions with a division of Mobil Corporation.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean  |  Field Technical Support

Brian Dean is from Marietta, Georgia, on the northwest side of Atlanta. He graduated from Kennesaw State University in 1985 with a BBA in Accounting. After 3 years with a local CPA firm, he accepted a position with an industrial manufacturer’s representative firm in Kennesaw, Georgia and was with the company thru 2004. In 2005 & 2006 he worked in sales positions and then joined Wheego in the spring of 2007, opening the Ruff & Tuff of Marietta dealership and also working as a Sales Representative for Wheego. He is currently working for Wheego in Field Technical Support, primarily training new Wheego dealers and providing technical support for both dealers and customers.


J.Gilman  |  Creative Director

J handles all of our print, design, and web development. If anything is mispelled or “funny-looking,” it’s probably his fault. He enjoys negative space; brevity; the color gray; pointing and laughing; and collecting old books, gas masks, & pencil sharpeners. He has been known to become hostile upon hearing the following terms: “outside the box,” “more edgy,” “colorway,” and “email blast.” He holds a BFA in graphic design from Georgia State University.

Ron Keeton | Accountant

Gabriel_Miranda Gabriel Miranda | VP-EngineeringGabriel started his career in the EV world as a Battery Engineering intern at Tesla Motors. After completing his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, he joined Wheego in an effort to bring vehicle development in-house. Before rejoining Wheego, he spent time as a Project Manager in Tesla’s New Product Introduction (NPI) group. There he was in charge of managing engineering design changes into mass production for various Model S components, including 17” touchscreen, dash cluster, on-board chargers, high voltage junction boxes, and high voltage cables. Gabriel now focuses on building a solid engineering team, maintaining a top notch RND facility, and developing strong relations with suppliers overseas.
Susan Nicholson

Susan Nicholson  |  VP PR & Corporate Communications

Susan has twenty years’ experience with Atlanta technology companies. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering, she joined Hewlett-Packard. From there, she worked as a freelance technical writer, and then joined AudioFAX, an Atlanta technology startup. Susan also worked for MindSpring for five years, managing Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Forays away from technology included owning and operating a local folk art gallery.

Leslie Nolen

Leslie Nolen  |  Project Manager

Leslie is also a MindSpring/EarthLink alumni. There she served in several roles including PR Manager, Project Manager for Web Design and Senior Manager for the Interface Design Team. She also has experience in journalism, sales, restaurant management, real estate, jewelry design and kitchen and bath design.  Leslie graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BA in Communications and a Minor in Business.

Bill Ostrowski |
Bill Scalia | Engineer
Les Seagraves

Les Seagraves  |  VP Product & Legal

Les is responsible for the development of new vehicles and regulatory and safety compliance.  He is an attorney with over 20 years experience and a legal authority on many electric vehicle issues including tax credits, state laws and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  Before coming to Wheego, Les Seagraves spent 12 years at internet service providers MindSpring and EarthLink where he held various positions in sales, customer service, web design and the legal department. As Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Les helped EarthLink establish a national reputation as a privacy leader and customer advocate against spam and online fraud. As an internet law expert, he testified before the US Senate on privacy issues and has advised federal, state and local governments on consumer protection issues. Before his internet days Les was a prosecutor and a congressional press secretary. A native Atlantan, Les has degrees in Journalism and Law from the University of Georgia.


Zach Tyler | VP-Engineering Ops

Rene2 Rene Zarikian | Mechanical EngineerOriginally from Caracas Venezuela, Rene graduated from Purdue University as a Mechanical Engineer. During his time there he founded Purdue Electric Racing, an Electric Formula SAE team focused on designing, building and racing an all electric race car each year. 
Zeppa Jake Zeppa | Product and Technical Development EngineerJake is an engineer with over 10 years experience building and designing various race vehicles, and 5 years testing and designing Lithium based systems. He is a graduate of Physics from UC Berkeley, with emphasis on advanced electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. Prior to joining Wheego, he owned and operated H&A Tuning, a company responsible for building all aspects of various race related vehicles. He then spent many years doing pre-production analysis for battery and solar related consumer equipment. His work focused heavily on efficiency, as well as Li-ion battery lifetime testing and failure analysis. During his time at UC Berkeley he was also a member of the university’s solar race vehicle team, CalSol. Though he had a hand in almost all aspects of the solar vehicle from design to production, he is most proud of his role as battery lead. Managing a small team, he led the design, constructing and testing of various battery modules.