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October 2011

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:

National PlugIn Day 2011 was a huge success across the country!  Plug In America
the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association hosted Plug-In Day celebrations
and parades at cities all across the U.S. on October 16, 2011.

There were two Wheego LiFe’s in the Santa Monica parade: one driven by Wheego
customer Jan Ferguson and one by Wheego VP-West Coast Operations Joe Friedmann.

         Joe and Jan get ready to join the Santa Monica parade.

               EV enthusiasts along the parade route check out the Wheego LiFe
Atlanta’s Plug-In Celebration included two white Wheego’s at Atlantic Station.

And check out this panorama shot of the Seattle Plug-In day at Luther Burbank Park.
Cayman Automotive Loves the Island LiFe
Cayman Automotive received their first LiFe last week, and unveiled it to enthusiastic
crowds at the Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on Grand Cayman Island.
Cayman Automotive is located at 256 Crewe Road on Grand Cayman Island, and
has been in business for 6 years serving the Cayman community. Plans are now
underway to build a new state of the art sales and service facility to handle their
customers in this growing and sophisticated market. There is also an authorized
service center in Cayman Brac to handle their sister Island customers. The first
all-electric dealership in the Caribbean, Cayman Automotive will offer a full line of
six different all-electric cars and trucks. The company has plans to expand their
operation to Bermuda. For more information about Cayman Automotive, visit the
company website at

KM Garage in Tokyo Becomes a Wheego Dealer
KM Garage will import the Wheego line of electric vehicles into Japan. The company,
established in 1971, is a full-service car importer, dealership, and service center
located in western Tokyo.
Mr. Yasumasa Shimazaki, President of KM Garage, looks forward to expanding his
vehicle offerings in Japan. “There is a great deal of interest in electric vehicles in
Japan, and many government projects to build out a public charging infrastructure.
We feel that the Wheego LiFe, with its 100-mile range, will be a welcome addition here.”
“Last year, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry issued aggressive
goals for hybrid and electric vehicle sales,” says Wheego CEO Mike McQuary. 
“They called for a target for hybrid and electric vehicles to account for up to 50%
of all new vehicle sales by 2020. We would like to be a part of their bold plan to
improve the air quality, decrease road congestion, and reduce gasoline consumption
in Japan.”
For more information about KM Garage, visit the company website
Caves Are Featured in Jetson Green Article
Wheego drivers Carolyn and Kyle Cave were featured in the following story
“LiFe Powered by the Sun,” by Preston, published in Jetson Green.

Carolyn and Kyle Cave, both university professors in Hadley, Massachusetts,
built this super-insulated home to minimize energy consumption. 

 Then they dropped a 20kW solar PV
 array on the roof and now use energy
 from the sun to generate a surplus
 that also powers this tiny little 
 Wheego LiFe  electric vehicle. 
 I was able to ask Carolyn Cave a few
 questions about their solar-powered
 situation, and this is a portion of that

Q: What’s it like living in a high-performance home with solar power and an EV?
Carolyn: I guess the primary ways that life has changed are somewhat intangible. 
We are enjoying a new, highly efficient home that has dramatically reduced our
carbon footprint.  It feels good to know that our contribution to greenhouse gases
is now very much less than it was before.  We are sending excess power onto the
grid that is generated by our solar panels.  So our neighbors can also use power
that is being generated without the use of fossil fuels.
The Wheego is very much a part of the whole package.  We planned the size of our
solar array to allow for sufficient energy generation to power both our house and
our car (net), so we were very interested to obtain an electric car as soon as possible. 
The vast majority of our driving is now in the electric car, so most of our energy use
is happening without burning fossils fuels.  That is very satisfying.
The level of interest in our home and car from both our friends and others has been
fun and encouraging.  It has been fun to share the bits of knowledge that we have
accumulated with others.  Driving an electric car has generated a lot of interest. 
People stop to ask us about the car and to give us positive feedback.  I got the
thumbs up from a Prius driver the other day!

Q: Would you encourage someone else to do the same?
Carolyn: We would absolutely encourage others to do the same.  One of the reasons
we started the project in the first place was as a sort of demonstration project to
show that it is possible to fuel a nice lifestyle with minimal use of fossil fuels. 
Investments of time (to learn) and money are generally needed, but knowledgeable
people who are interested in addressing climate change are generally generous with
their time and expertise to help and there are ways to build and/or retrofit without
huge monetary investments.  There are also beginning to be agencies that can help
with these investments.

Q: Can you tell me anything about the investment you’ve made or the payback?
Carolyn: We do think that this is a good investment.  Our primary motivation was to
invest our resources in doing the right thing for the planet.  Still, we think it is a good
investment in other ways as well.  There are significant federal tax credits for both our
purchase of solar panels and our electric car, which will reduce our costs over time.
We are also fortunate to live in a state, Massachusetts, that has also set up good
incentives for individuals to invest in renewable energy.  Our utility is required to give
us credit that is nearly equal to the cost we would pay for electricity.  All of the
electricity we generate is also producing solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) that
are sold to utilities in a market.  These SRECs also help to offset our initial investment.

Wheego, a manufacturer of all-electric vehicles, first started delivering LiFe EVs to
purchasers on Earth Day this year.  The car retails for about $33,000, but the purchase
is a little more palatable with a $7,500 tax credit.  Most recently, in August, the company
unveiled a fuel savings calculator  to compare the cost of Wheego LiFe versus a regular
gasoline-powered car.

Clipper Creek Launches Online Store

 Now, it’s easier than ever to order your Clipper
 Creek charging station! Visit the new Clipper Creek
 Online Store at You can also purchase
 your Level 2 station (the Clipper Creek LCS-25) from
 your local Wheego dealer. Your Wheego LiFe ships
 with a Level 1 “travel” charge cord (also by Clipper
 Creek) that lets you charge your LiFe from any
 standard 120V household outlet. If you’re taking
 advantage of the LiFe’s full 100-mile range often,
 then we recommend you order a Level 2 station that
 operates on a 220V circuit to keep up with your driving needs.

Wheego At Clean Cities Atlanta Event on October 28

Wheego CEO Mike McQuary will participate in a panel discussion at the Clean Cities
Atlanta event “Electrifying Metro Atlanta’s Transportation” on October 28th from 9am
to 4pm. The single day workshop will provide Attendees with information about
current and coming plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), power availability, and electric
vehicle charging and its impact on the grid.  The event will also feature an update
about Metro Atlanta’s PEV readiness efforts and a panel discussion from the
Technology Association of Georgia’s Smart Grid Society about PEV’s and how they
will incorporate with the smart grid.
The event is open to the public; visit the event website  for details and registration.


A Wheego Whip will be the pace car for the annual Ride to Defeat ALS bike race on
November 15th   in Largo, Florida. The Ride to Defeat ALS is a one-day cycling event
that raises funds to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Wheego dealer Suncoast Electric
Vehicles is one of the race sponsors. Bring the family out for a day of fun in the sun!
Visit the website to learn how you can join the fun and support a great cause!   

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Wheego LiFe in a “scream” costume in Atlanta’s Little Five Points Halloween Parade.

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