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August 2010

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:
Reserve your LiFe! Visit to make a $100 deposit and
reserve your Wheego LiFe. Reservation holders on the list now will begin
getting their cars in late September and October. If you want to drive your
car in 2010 (and take advantage of the 2010 Federal tax credit of $7500
as well as applicable State incentives), you will need to get on the
reservation list quickly!

Wheego to Hawaii

Wheego is making a huge splash in Hawaii, where EV drivers enjoy free
downtown parking, solo driving in the HOV lane, and generous Federal and
State tax credits. KHON2 aired a segment on the introduction of the Wheego:

Wheego Hawaii on Kilihau Street in Honolulu offers test drives now of the
Wheego Whip LSV, and will have the full-speed Wheego LiFe in October.
Wheego to UGA
The University of Georgia Athletics Department will be driving a custom-painted
Wheego around campus this fall. Staffers report they are thrilled to have an
enclosed, climate controlled car to tote around players, employees and gear.
Jim Ellis Wheego in Atlanta donated the use of the car. Watch for the Wheego
on the football field before UGA’s home games!

Excerpted August 14, 2010 Palm Beach Post Article by Laura Hampson:
Auto giants, tiny startups in race to mass-produce
electric cars

At the turn of the 20th century, drivers grew accustomed to putting
gasoline in their cars instead of feeding their horses. Now several
car manufacturers are hoping you won't mind plugging in your car
instead of filling it up at the pump.

But with slow speeds and high prices, mainstream America has not
embraced electric cars. Most major car manufacturers and several
smaller start-up manufacturers are racing to create an all-electric car
capable of hitting the highway without breaking the bank.

Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Ford have announced plans to
produce highway-speed electric cars within the next year.

The Whip LiFe:
Atlanta-based Wheego might beat the big boys to the punch with
its second car, the Whip LiFe. The all-electric car can reach 65 mph
and will ship starting Sept. 1. It seats two and has a range of
about 100 miles on one charge, according to Wheego.
"We hope to be the first affordable all-electric solution," said
Susan Nicholson, manager of public relations for Wheego Electric
Cars. Many electric cars on the U.S. market are also not capable
of highway speeds. The GEM car from Chrysler's Global Electric
Motorcars division can go up to 25 mph and doesn't meet the same
safety requirements as faster cars. It can go about 40 miles on a
charge and costs about $13,000.

The California-based Zap Xebra can reach speeds of 40 mph and has
three wheels, which legally makes it a motorcycle. It can go about
25 miles on a charge and retails for about $12,000. The Tesla
Roadster, in production since 2008, can reach 125 mph, but retails
for more than $100,000.

Several manufacturers have electric cars in production stages or
have cars available only in Europe. Daimler began testing electric
Smart cars in London in 2007; it says they will be mass-produced
in the U.S. starting in 2012. The Wheego LiFe will retail for about
$35,990, with air conditioning and delivery. It qualifies for the
maximum tax incentive of $7,500, which brings the price down to
about $28,490. Wheego began taking reservations, with a $100
refundable fee, in June. The cars are assembled in California.

Wheego in LUV

Two Wheego Whips are included in the Local Use Vehicle (LUV) test
fleet in the South Bay Cities Council of Government project in California:

The LUV Project will test the effectiveness of using 100% electric, zero emission
local use vehicles (LUV) that are small, short range and low speed for taking
‘local’ trips around South Bay neighborhoods. Many of the trips taken by
South Bay residents and businesses today are less than 3 miles and are
typically driven in long range, full size, full speed vehicles powered by the
internal combustion engine.


The LUV project will demonstrate the benefits of using vehicle technology
appropriate to the characteristics of the trip taken. Potential benefits include
reductions of:

  • pollutants and carbon emissions per mile
  • emissions from cold starts
  • fuel costs per mile
  • total gasoline consumption per household
  • overall congestion
LUVs are limited to 25 MPH and can be legally driven only on streets with a
posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less. They may cross streets with higher
speed limits at signalized intersections. Maximum distance between charges
average around 30 miles.  Maps of LUV legal streets can be found at the
SBCCOG web page in the LUV section.

The SBCCOG partnered with Enterprise fleet Management to acquire a fleet
of six vehicles – two Wheego Whips, two GEM e4s, one Columbia Summit,
and one Vantage Crewcab.  The vehicles are loaned to participants chosen
to test the LUVs in a variety of applications.  Vehicles have been placed
with residents and institutions for the first six month demonstration period. 
During the 18 month demonstration project the LUV vehicles will be loaned
to new participants approximately every six months. 

Read more about the project on the SBCCOG website. 

Ask McQ
Q: “Do you drive a Wheego on a daily basis?”

McQ: I have been a regular driver of a Wheego Whip for a few years now.
We have 2 Whips (LSV) in Atlanta that we rotate among the staff for personal
and promotional use. As an early Whip prototype driver trying to figure out
the actual battery range of our first cars, I will also admit to having called
the EasyCare hotline a few times for a roadside rescue.
Most weekends I tool around Atlanta in one of the Whips, unless the whole
family is headed out. With 4 little kids, the Whip stays garaged in favor of our
very early prototype psychedelic 3-D minivan:
I haven’t had much time behind the wheel of the LiFe as our 2 prototypes are
in Ontario, California with our engineering team, but every time I drive them
it puts a big smile on my face. The LiFe is an absolutely great car. I have not
kept a record of my total “electric miles” driven to date but am very curious
about how many miles some of you have traveled so far in your Whips.
Email your current odometer readings to us at and in our
next newsletter we will post the top e-mile drivers.
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As always, we thank you for your support. Please email your questions
and suggestions to
Best Regards,
The Wheego Team
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