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January 2012

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:

Happy New Year!
Free Showing of “Revenge of the Electric Car” is showing the movie
 “Revenge of the Electric Car” for free this week.
 If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out!
 Here is the Director’s Statement by Chris Payne:
 "Sometimes change, like a train in the old West,
 gets stopped dead in its tracks. That was the story
 of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" The villains were
 the same guys who always hold things up when 

real progress is in the air. Pistol-waving business lobbyists fighting for their old
monopolies, simpleton leaders defending the status quo, and the tendency for
most of us to stay in our seats rather than board new trains.

So it's a rare privilege to be able to tell the story of how sometimes change has
too much momentum to be stopped. You can't kill an idea whose time has come.
For this film, we wanted to do something different. Last time we followed a group
of activists fighting from the outside. This time, we follow four entrepreneurs
battling from the inside. Each one let us in on their journey over three years
on condition that we would not release any footage until 2011.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk puts his personal fortune on the line. Bob Lutz, GM's
Vice Chair, stakes the entire brand on the very technology it once tried to kill.
Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, bets the farm on a car almost no one believes
can happen. And my neighbor, Greg 'Gadget' Abbott, like thousands of other
car converters around the world, sets out to prove you can do it yourself.
The challenges they face are as tough as capitalism can be cagey.

But the prize if they succeed is really for all of us: the reinvention of the
car without gasoline, and potentially without fossil fuel at all."
Visit Richard Hibbard Auto Center on February 3rd
Our newest California dealer, Richard Hibbard Auto Center, is celebrating the
arrival of the Wheego Whip and LiFe to their Claremont showroom.  Hibbard
services all auto makes and models, and on Friday, February 3, Hibbard will
offer 15% all service. They will also host their second annual on-site American
Red Cross Blood Drive. Free BBQ lunch will be provided to anyone donating
blood or having their car serviced. The Richard Hibbard Auto Center is located
at 191 South Indian Hill Blvd in Claremont (outside of Los Angeles, just a few
miles from our assembly operation). Visit their website at  or call 909-624-4541 for more information.
Wheego Out and About
Les Seagraves, VP-Product Development represented Wheego at the Georgia
State Capitol this month, as EV and charging station manufacturers presented
our latest technology to the Georgia General Assembly’s Committee on Energy,
Utility and Telecommunications.

 Wheego attended the West 2012 
 show in San Diego, January 24-26.
 Targeted at military buyers, West 2012
 is the largest event on the West Coast
 for communications, electronics,
 intelligence,  information systems,
 imaging, military weapon systems,
 aviation, shipbuilding,  and more. 

We had a Whip wrapped in camo for the show! Thank you to Mark Piscioneri from
Wheego Hawaii and  Jim Hibbard from Richard Hibbard Auto Center, who helped us with the show.

Wheego will also display at the National Auto Dealers Association Show in
Las Vegas this weekend. We’ll be in booth 3765 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

'Wheego' to Reading to see Electric Car Dealership
The following is excerpted from an article by Paul Feely in the Middlesex East Newspaper in Reading, Mass.

Reading’s high school colors may be red and black, but one new business on
Main Street is adding another color to the mix - green.
Dan Enxing, President of Subaru of Nashua, New Hampshire and co-founder
with John Zaeder of Go Green Realty Trust in Hudson, New Hampshire, has
opened an ECars of New England dealership at 281 Main Street in Reading,
the former site of the Artists Frame Shop.
Zaeder and Enxing are looking to ride what they hope will be a growing wave of
support for electric cars, in both sales and usage throughout the region. “It is the
first new electric car franchise in New England,” said Enxing. 
Enxing became interested in the site after learning about it online. “I was looking
for suitable locations one day, and I came across this site,” said Enxing. “It
seemed like there were some environmental challenges with it, and it seemed
like a great fit.” The dealership, located on a 36,340 square foot lot, specializes
in sales of Wheego Whip cars, though hybrid cars from other companies are also
sold there. The Wheego Whip LiFe Full-Speed all-electric car recently became
available for purchase. The Whip LiFe runs on a lithium battery pack, and will
go approximately 100 miles on a charge. The sticker price on the Wheego
Whip LiFe is targeted in the low $30K’s.
“That’s the highway version of the Wheego,” said Enxing. “There’s another
version, meant for around town or city driving, that gets slightly less mileage
per charge.”
With gas prices on the rise at the pumps again weekly, Enxing couldn’t be more
excited about the future of the electric car industry. “The price of oil is going to
take off this spring,” said Enxing. “These are great cars. They look great, they
have a lot of room inside - a tall man can fit inside comfortably. We have a lot
of confidence in this. It will be the first new electric car franchise in New England,
and we are excited.”
Wheego Electric Cars distinguishes itself from other electric vehicles currently
on the market with its long running dry cell sealed (AGM) batteries, which
require no maintenance and will not harm the environment. 

Its vehicles feature on-board high tech chargers and battery systems can
allow travel up to 50 miles on a single charge - and plug in for a recharge
on any standard home 120 volt electrical outlet.

Congratulations to E-Cars of New England on their grand opening!

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