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October 2009
Dear Wheego Enthusiast:
The Wheego Whip was a huge success at the AltCar Expo in
California last month. The Governator even stopped by for a visit:

We are continuing to seek out dealers to represent the Wheego
brand. Welcome this month to :
Tri-State Electric Motor Cars (Auto Land) in Springfield, NJ
Troy Auto World in Troy, MI
Wheego of Marietta in Marietta, GA
Wheego President Jeff Boyd will be on the road in November
and December visiting dealers across the southern U.S. from
Florida to California. If you know of a dealer that might be a
good fit for us, please send us their name and address and we’ll
send them an information packet about Wheego.
Ask McQ
Each month in the newsletter, we’ll post a question and answer
from our CEO, Mike McQuary. This month’s question is:
Q: Where’s the Wheego from?
McQ:  Wheego is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia- but nothing too
exciting  happens here.
It is mostly just administrative functions.
Assembly of the Wheego happens in two places. 
Just outside of
Shijiazhuang, China the Wheego chassis and body are manufactured
to our 
specifications and then shipped to Ontario, California. Parts
that we source from all over
North America meet up with the
"gliders" in Ontario and the "electrification" and final assembly
place there. The AGM Batteries are from a Canadian company, the
motors are made in Wisconsin, the Controller is made in Puerto Rico
(by a NY based company), the Dashboard is made in Michigan, the

Seat Belts are from Oklahoma, and well you get the picture.
I like to think of it as the United Nations of cars, we source the
best parts from around the world and put them together with expert
engineers and technicians in the U.S. to make the best electric car in
the world.

If you have a question you’d like McQ to answer, please email it
Looking Ahead
Full-Speed Wheego
We have started the crash-testing process for the Wheego
Full-Speed Electric Vehicle.  
We will keep you posted on
our development progress!
Trade-Up Program
This month, we announced a Wheego Trade-Up program for
customers who purchase 
a Low-Speed Wheego now and would
like to trade-up to a Full-Speed Wheego when it 
is available.
Anytime within 24 months of your purchase of the Wheego LSV,
may trade up your Wheego LSV for a full speed Wheego
(when available) and receive 
a trade-up credit of 50% of the
original purchase price of the LSV toward the purchase 
of a
full speed Wheego.
Any Federal or State tax credits that you received on your
purchase of the
LSV or on a  new full speed car are yours
to keep and are not deducted from the trade-up value. 

The trade-in value is 50% of the gross purchase price of
the LSV, including options 
but excluding freight, dealer fees,
taxes and license fees.
Example (for illustration only; prices may vary):
Customer purch. price of Wheego LSV            $22,000
Fed Tax Credit                                                  -$7,500
Net customer price for LSV                              $14,500
Customer sample purch. price of FS Wheego  $30,000
LSV Trade-up allowance                                 -$11,000
Fed Tax Credit                                                  -$ 7,500
Net customer price for FS Wheego                   $11,500
With the Trade-Up program, we protect the investment
of our first EV customers, 
and reward their “pioneer spirit”!
Why Wheego?
One of our premier dealers, Gardner Britt of Ted Britt
Automotive in Fairfax, Virginia, shared with
us why he’s
a “wheegomaniac”:
"I became interested in electric cars when I moved from
Oakton  to Fairfax in
2005. I still needed an SUV for my
seven kids but it just wasn't
efficient for  my two mile
daily commute or short errands. Also that
year my son
deployed to the Middle East for the second time. I wasn't
interested in making political statements, but I wanted to
become more energy conscious.
I wanted to use an electric
car as a commuter car to supplement my
Expedition, but
there wasn't an electric car available that met my needs.
There was a $100,000 sports car which was too expensive
as a second car
and wasn't practical as my only car. It didn't
hold my golf clubs let
alone my kids. There were also a
number of golf carts which were being
marketed as
commuter cars and three wheeled tri-cycles being built
people's garages but they just weren't safe. The Wheego
Whip was the
vehicle I was looking for.  It's affordable as a
second car, safe,
optimized for city driving, and has the
right balance of capability and
price. In short it was what I
was looking for in an everyday driver. 
As a bonus it's fun
drive, with go-kart handling and brakes that'll stop on a
It's 2009 now and my youngest son is a senior in
college. The four
kids I had at home have been replaced
with four grand kids so I still need my
Expedition, but not
every day. If you're like me and still need an SUV
for the
weekends  but are looking for an affordable and
environmentally conscious
choice for the week, the Wheego
Whip is the product for you."  

As always, we thank you for your support. Please email your
questions and 
suggestions to

Best Regards,
The Wheego Team 
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