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January 2011

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:
New dealers are joining the Wheego team every month!
Please welcome:
  • O’Meara Ford in Denver, Colorado
  • Wheego Miami Beach in Miami Beach, Florida
  • Auto Center Southeast in Columbus, Ohio
  • Electric Car Sales & Service in Long Beach, California
Watch for Jim Ellis Wheego at the Atlanta Auto Show, March 23-27, and
Auto Center Southeast at the Columbus International Auto Show in
Columbus, Ohio, March 17-20.
Wheego LiFe Update
We know you are anxious; so are we! We have received EPA approval and CARB
certification, and are awaiting our final “OK” to begin selling cars. We appreciate
your patience in the “home stretch.”
                          Wheego LiFe Assembly Preparation in Ontario, CA

A Peek Under the Hood

Zaki Ullah, our Georgia Tech graduate design student, sketched this schematic
of the Wheego LiFe:

As you can see in the sketch, the lithium batteries are stacked flat below the seats
and positioned vertically in the back. The lithium battery system is run by software
that does constant real-time monitoring and managing of the individual cells to
keep them in balance and temperature controlled.
A traditional internal combustion car has many components including the engine,
fuel injection system, exhaust system and cooling system. The Wheego LiFe is
much simpler and cleaner; it has an AC Electric Motor and a controller that
manages its operation. The “brain” of the car is the controller, an onboard
computer system. Wheego has contracted the best in the electric motor
business, HPEVS, to develop our own proprietary software for the controller, and
to build a custom AC motor designed for peak performance in the LiFe. The
software on the controller manages performance factors for the car such as
speed and acceleration. The controller regulates the energy flow from the battery,
and manages regenerative braking (recovery of energy from the brakes to be
stored in the batteries for later use). The software can be updated by downloading
new software from a laptop directly into the controller. The controller and AC
Electric Motor are located in the front of the car under the hood.
The J1772 charge port is located where you would normally expect to put gas in a car.

Obama Promises to Have 1 Million Electric
Vehicles by 2015

This article appeared in the International Business Times on January 27, 2011
In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama reiterated his
commitment to green technologies by vowing to flood America's highways with
plug-in cars and will ask Congress for new programs to support sales and
development of electric vehicles.
"With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with
biofuels, and become the first country to have 1 million electric vehicles on the
road by 2015," Obama said on Tuesday.
The President's Budget proposes to make the United States the world's leader in
manufacturing and deploying next-generation vehicle technologies through three
new initiatives, expanding funding for vehicle technologies by almost 90 percent
to nearly $590 million and enhancing existing tax incentives; making electric
vehicles more affordable and accessible for American consumers; advancing
innovative vehicle and battery technologies through increased R&D, and rewarding
communities for leadership in reducing regulatory barriers and developing
comprehensive electric vehicle-friendly infrastructure.
"Combined global sales of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and battery electric
vehicles (BEVs) are expected to total 5.2 million units in 2020, or just 7.3 percent
of the 70.9 million passenger vehicles forecasted to be sold worldwide by that year,"  
according to a recent report from automobile market research company J.D. Power
& Associates. Various other measures to encourage electric vehicles are by
supporting advanced technology vehicle manufacturing and adoption in the U.S.
through new consumer rebates, investments in R&D, and competitive programs to
encourage communities that invest in advanced technology vehicle infrastructure,
Obama said in his second union address.
The Obama administration has taken aggressive steps to reduce dependence on
foreign oil, including strong fuel economy standards for cars and trucks, and
significant investment in biofuels.  
Recovery Act investments have already transformed the advanced vehicle industry
in the U.S. ARRA included $2.4 billion for battery and electric drive component
manufacturing, and for electric drive demonstration and infrastructure - investments
that are already transforming the advanced vehicle batteries industry in the
country. Besides, the Recovery Act investments have significantly increased U.S.
manufacturing capability for advanced technology vehicle batteries. The
investments will also help cut battery costs in half, and make the U.S. a global
leader in advanced battery production.
Upgrading the Federal Fleet, GSA is preparing an initial purchase of 100 plug-in
hybrid electric vehicles that are anticipated to be delivered in 2011 together with
more than 40,000 alternative-fueled and fuel-efficient vehicles that will replace
aging and less-efficient sedans, trucks, tankers, and wreckers for Federal agencies
across the country. GSA's investments in cleaner vehicle technologies help to spur
growth in the emerging domestic plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market.
The Department of Energy said it is investing $2.85 billion in electric vehicles of
which $2 billion will go to help US carmakers produce advanced vehicle batteries
and drive train components. Around $400 million will be invested to buy, test, and
deploy different types of electric vehicles in the marketplace, and $300 million in
cost-share projects under the "Clean Cities" program.
According to a recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, plug-in electric
vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles, have the potential
to make up 9% of auto sales in 2020 and 22% in 2030 (1.6 million and 4 million
vehicle sales respectively).
Suncoast EV Grand Opening
Fox News covered the grand opening of  new Wheego dealer Suncoast EV
in St. Petersburg, Florida:

                       'Wheego' hopes to charge up St. Pete!
                                  First electric car dealership in Florida
ST. PETERSBURG - Just charge it and go: That's all it takes to get the 'Wheego' moving.

It's a new kind of electric car, and the first dealership in Florida opens this weekend
in St. Petersburg.When it's fully charged, the 'City' style version of the Wheego goes
about 40 miles at a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour. It also scores well with
drivers sick of rising gas prices.

"You can pretty much figure the operating costs of this car is only two cents per
mile," explained Richard Nimphie of Wheego. "If you compare that with the average
car, including oil changes, tune-ups, and the inefficiency of gasoline, you're looking
at 30 to 40 cents. So, two cents versus 30 to 40 cents per mile. Huge difference."
Another difference -- this two-seater doesn't need a 220-volt charge like other electric

"A lot of the other electric cars that are coming out, they can only be charged on
220 charge. Which means you have to get an electrician out, wire the garage or
wherever they're going to charge it. Plus buy a charging station," Nimphie added.
"With our cars, this charges right into your standard 110 plug.

The Suncoast Electric Vehicles is located at 2401 4th Street N in St. Petersburg.
-Jennifer Epstein
Ask McQ
Q:How important is it for my town’s charging infrastructure to be in place
before I buy an EV?

A:It isn’t; most of our drivers will charge their cars at their own homes every night.
With a range of about 100 miles, this is a great car for you most of the time. For a
lot of people it will be a second car for the family. We have always promoted using
the right tool for the right job – you probably don’t need to drive a gas-guzzler
for 90% of your driving. When it’s time to load up the family and drive 250 miles
to Grandma’s house, you’ll take the old fashioned internal combustion car. That
being said, it will be an added convenience to have a charging infrastructure in
place so you can get a little extra power when you’re at the movies or shopping.
There is a tidal wave of charging infrastructure on the way in the next few years
for both consumer and commercial use. It includes a 15-minute “Rapid Charge
Technology” that is under development. Just know that we are committed to
adopting the new charging capabilities as they are standardized.

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Best Regards,
The Wheego Team
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