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October 2010

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:

Is your Wheego in this photo, being readied for final assembly?


We are hard at work building the first Wheego LiFe’s!

Charging Stations
The Wheego LiFe will have two charging options. A 120V cord will ship with
the car, and LiFe drivers will be able to use that to charge their car from
any standard 120V outlet. Since the LiFe has a 30kw battery pack, charging
from a 120V outlet will take a very long time – more than 20 hours from
20% SOC (State of Charge) to 100% SOC. For that reason, we recommend
installation of a Level 2 charging station in your home. With this, you can
go from 50% state of charge to 100% state of charge in about 5 hours.
The International Standard J1772 connector on the LiFe allows you to
charge from any standard J1772-compliant charging station. These Level
2 charging stations are hard-wired into a 220V outlet. Note that U.S.
building codes require that the charging station be hard-wired, meaning
an electrician wires the charging station to the wall; you will then pull the
charge cord handle off the wall and plug it into your car, (almost like a
soon to be archaic a gas nozzle at a gas station). You will not have a
“travel” cord for the J1772, since all J1772 stations will be hardwired
like the one you’ll have at home – you will be able to use them without
a travel cord.

J1772 connector
We have partnered with Aerovironment to provide charging stations to our
LiFe customers. The unit we have selected is the EVSE-RS. You can visit
the Aerovironment websiteto download data sheets for the EVSE-RS.

The MSRP on the Aerovironment unit is $995 plus installation. A typical
installation will cost about $1200. If your home has old wiring or the
charge station will be installed on the other side of your house from
your wiring box, your installation costs may be higher. Within the next
week, we will email our reservation holders a dedicated 888# for
Wheego customers only. When you call that number, you’ll be
connected with an Aerovironment agent who will help you schedule
an on-site inspection of your home. They will  give you an estimate of
the cost to install the charging station. More information will be on the
way to our reservation holders soon!
As a reminder, you must keep your LiFe charged – lithium batteries can
not be allowed to fully deplete, or they will be ruined. You will need to be
in the habit of plugging your car in when it is not in use. This is true for
any lithium battery-powered car: lithium batteries drain when not in use,
and must not be allowed to drain below 10% state of charge.
The standard Wheego LiFe warranty is:
36 month/ 36,000 miles parts and labor
48 month/ 60,000 miles parts and labor on the lithium battery pack
An extended warranty is available for the lithium battery pack ($1,995):
Additional 24 month/40,000 miles
Ask McQ
Q: How will you introduce the LiFe?
McQ: We are going to “unveil” the LiFe at a press conference on November
18th before the LA Auto Show. We will have both the Whip LSV and the
LiFe on display at the show Nov 19-28. Our booth number is K500 in
Kentia Hall at the LA Convention Center. I will be there for the first few
days of the show and would love to meet you and talk electric cars. If
you know specifically when you will be there, drop me an email at and we can set a time to meet at the booth, or just
stop by.
Welcome, Pritchard Automotive
Pritchard Automotive in Ithaca, NY has Wheego Whip LSVs in stock and
will soon have LiFe’s in their showroom.

Pritchard has an interesting history: this family-owned business has been
selling cars since cars began. The dealership started out selling
horse-drawn carriages, and then moved to “horseless carriages” in the
early 1900’s. They were friends with “the Dodge brothers” before there
was a Dodge company, and occupy the original Dodge building. Pritchard
Automotive has evolved constantly to keep up with the changes in the
automotive industry, and is now the Wheego dealer for Ithaca and the
surrounding area. We’re proud to have them with us, and we think the
Dodge brothers would be intrigued to see what their old buddies are up
to almost 100 years later! You can visit Pritchard Automotive at 304 South
Cayuga Street in Ithaca, or on their website at
The Ithaca Journal wrote about the arrival of the Wheego cars in this article.
New Dealer in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
Wheego welcomes Dick and Jonathan Nimphie, our new dealer covering the
Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida market.
Get Slimed
The less weight you have in your car, the more range you’ll get to a
charge. With that in mind, Wheego has opted to not put a spare tire in
the LiFe, and instead to provide a Slime Safety Spair flat tire repair
system. The 12V compressor pumps sealant into the punctured tire,
safely and quickly repairing it without having to remove the tire from the
car. The repair gets you back on the road quickly; you can safely drive the
car to the nearest garage to have the tire inspected. For more information,
visit the Slime website at

Wheego LiFe prototype attempts to share a parking space with the Slime-mobile
10 Biggest Electric Car Myths
These “EV Myths” were published in an article by Anil Das for Autos and Trends:

Myth 1: Electric cars won't be able to go far enough on a single charge.
Fact:  The new Chevy Volt which will be available in 2010 will be able to
go 35-40 miles before fuel is used for the electrical charge. However, many
estimate that the range will be improved to 80 miles before any gasoline
will be burned. The cars can be plugged in and recharged during the day
for a gasoline-free commute home in the evening.

Myth 2: Electric cars will still harm the environment.
Fact: As electric cars are more efficient, even with 52 percent of our
electricity being generated by coal-fired power plants, plug-in cars reduce
emissions of greenhouse gases and most other pollutants compared with
conventional gas or hybrid vehicles. Besides, on a daily basis consumers
are moving towards using more renewable energy to power our electricity.

Myth 3: They are too slow to be on the roads.
Fact: Electric vehicles can be fast. The linear power delivery characteristics
of electric vehicles can make them extremely quick. Torque is instantly
available at all RPM ranges, without the usual lag we are used to with
combustion engines.  Currently, Tesla roadster, which is under production 
can reach 0-60 kms in flat 3.9 seconds.

Myth 4: Customers won't buy cars with less than 200 miles range.
Fact: So-called 'range anxiety' disappears, when people get used to driving
EVs on a daily basis. It's just like charging a cell phone overnight. You plug
it in, and in the morning it's ready to go, fully charged. Recently, electric
vehicle portal THINK announced a new standard for fast charging - zero
to 80% charged in just 15 minutes - to help cover those rare situations
when an EV will be needed for more than 100 miles in a single day.

Myth 5: The batteries won't last.
Fact: EV batteries are designed to last at least 10 years and more than
100,000 miles. Electric vehicle portal THINK has cars on the road in Europe
with batteries approaching the 10-year mark and brings that experience
to modern Lithium batteries to ensure they meet that target.

Myth 6:  The technology is too complicated
Fact: A modern electric car has only about five main moving parts
compared with hundreds in an internal combustion engine. There are
no regular visits to the dealership for an EV. No oil changes, no filters -
even brake pads last two-to-three times longer than in conventional cars,
because electric vehicles use regenerative braking to recapture the energy
that would otherwise be lost while braking. 

Myth 7: I don't have the right kind of plug for an electric car
Fact: Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicles are plugged right into ordinary
household outlets (120 volts). Most can be re-charged in 30 minutes or
less. Government agencies and employers are leading the charge to install
re-charging stations on streets, in parking garages and at park-and-ride
facilities to increase convenience.

Myth 8:  Fast charging EV batteries will wear them out quickly.
Fact: Modern prismatic lithium batteries can be developed with fast-charging.
The critical technology is in the cell design to manage battery temperature
during charging. Limiting fast charging to the 0-80% range also protects
battery life. The view is that 95% or more of all EV miles will be driven on
EVs charged during overnight off-peak periods when electricity is cheaper
and readily available.

Myth 9: The hype over electric cars will pass and then I'll have an obsolete vehicle.
Fact: No, this time electric cars will not be killed. Gas prices have gone up
too much and dependency oil has also gone to high. The governemnt has
also made an investment of $2.85 billion in electric vehicles. Department of
Energy is investing $2 billion in US-based manufacturers to produce
advanced vehicle batteries and drive train components, $400 million to
purchase, test, and deploy different types of electric vehicles to test their
viability in the marketplace, and $300 million in cost-share projects under
the "Clean Cities" program

Myth 10:  Plug in hybrids are the best solution.
Fact: Carrying around the extra weight and cost of two powertrains
makes little sense. In some ways, a 'hybrid garage' (where one car is an
EV and the other a relatively fuel-efficient 'normal car') is probably most
economical for a typical family. As plug-in hybrids get bigger and heavier,
they need more batteries and stronger gas- or diesel-powered generators
or engines. It becomes a 'vicious circle' of more cost and more weight to
achieve acceptable range and performance in both modes.

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and suggestions to
Best Regards,
The Wheego Team
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