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December 2009

Dear Wheego Enthusiast:
Happy Holidays!
Thinking of buying a Wheego? If you act before the end of December, you
can  take advantage of the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit.
That means $7,500
comes  off your Federal Taxes owed for 2009. The Federal Tax Credit is
greatly  reduced in 2010, so act now!

Contact your local dealer or our office to purchase your Wheego Whip before
December 31st!

                                                                      Photo by Les Seagraves
    Wheegos gearing up for a big day in Tulsa, OK
Plugless Power
We’ll try to keep you apprised of interesting new technologies related to
electric vehicles. Here’s one: A plugless charging system in the works
from Evatran. The company permanently installs a vehicle adapter,
specially designed
by Evatran™ engineers for each EV model based on its
charging capability, onto the vehicle.
A fixed “base station” is housed in the
driver’s garage. The car pulls up to the station, and
the adapter automatically
aligns with the base station and starts charging the
electric vehicle. The
company is testing the product now and hopes to roll it
out in late 2010. They
envision parking spots across the country equipped with
the Plugless Power
station; EV drivers could simply pull up to the station to
charge their car while
away from home. Evatran plans to include the Wheego
Whip in its product
testing this year.
For more information, visit the Evatran website.
Ask McQ
This month’s question for Wheego CEO Mike McQuary is:
Q:        What percent of cars on the road in the US do you predict
will be electric by 2015?
McQ:  My best estimate is that everyone will know someone personally
who drives an electric car in 2015. On a percentage basis I'll put the
line at 10% of new vehicle sales in the US. Between now and
then you will
see a continuing improvement in car/battery/charging
technology which will
mean longer mileage driving ranges between charges
and shorter charging times.
Companies in the industry will scale up
production which will mean lower prices
for lithium ion batteries, electric
cars and charging station options.
Over the next 5 years there will be major
infrastructure build outs for charging by
both utilities and private companies.
And, hopefully Wheego will be America's most
loved car company.
We don't want to be the biggest, just the best!
If you have a question you’d like McQ to answer, please email it
Battery Break-In Period For New Wheego Whips
When you start to drive your new Wheego Whip, your battery goes through a
“break-in” period during which the range of the car starts out low and
improves over time. Our Technical Support Manager, Brian Dean,
has put together
a document explaining what to expect in the early life of
your Wheego:
Battery Break-In Period and Motor Controller Training
You have to break-in the batteries (and the controller) of your new Wheego
driving the car until the battery is below a 29% state of charge level 20
to 30 times.
During this period, the batteries and the controller are developing
a memory of
their peak capacity in terms of range and performance…in
effect, the battery pack
and the controller are “learning” how to recharge to
maximize future performance.
You should not “top off” the car during this time
by recharging at every opportunity.
The car needs to drop down below the
29% state of charge level during the break-in
period as often as possible.
The range you get with your Wheego will gradually
improve as the break-in
process is implemented.
For a more detailed explanation, read on:
Battery Break-In Period
New Wheego Whips have brand new AGM Dry Cell Traction Batteries that
are installed
in the car. These batteries are operating at approximately
65-70% of their maximum
capacity at this time.  To break in the batteries and
allow them to reach their maximum
potential capacity, they have to be cycled
between 20 and 30 times.  These break-in
cycles are achieved as the car is
discharged from a 100% state of charge to below 40%
state of charge. 
This depth of discharge typically makes the BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator)
gauge go down into the yellow zone.  After these discharge and recharge
cycles are completed, the batteries
should be at their optimum capacity and
should provide the maximum range of which
they are capable given the
current ambient temperature, local terrain and driving conditions
in which
they are used.
Motor Controller Training
The Curtis motor controller that we use in the car is the computer that monitors
operates all of the systems on the car.  As the car is driven to 29% or less
state of charge
and recharged, the motor controller observes the amount of
energy that is consumed
from the traction battery pack and the amount of
energy that is replaced during the
charging process.  This measurement is
done based on the number of amp hours
used by driving the car and replaced
by recharging. 
As the batteries are going through their break-in period, they will increase
their maximum
capacity, allowing more energy to be replaced in the recharge
cycle than was consumed
during the previous driving cycle.  As this occurs,
the controller adjusts an internal counter
that keeps track of the available
energy in the pack.  This keeps the readout on the BDI
accurate.  It lets the
BDI gauge track the current status of the pack so that the actual
energy is displayed on the gauge. 
As the seasons change, this system also tracks the increases and decreases
in the available
energy due to increases and decreases in ambient
temperature of the battery pack.  In the
spring, as the temperatures rise, the
batteries will take in more energy during the recharge
cycle than was used
during the previous driving cycle.  This will make a change in the
which will make adjustments to the BDI to reflect this capacity change in the
traction battery pack. 

                                                                                 Photo by Les Seagraves
      Wheegos recharging at a Tulsa, OK hotel.
As always, we thank you for your support. Please email your questions and
suggestions to
Best Regards,
The Wheego Team
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